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18th December 2009

Two new games

Design a plane

Design a plane

We’ve been pretty busy so haven’t been able to update this site as much as we’d like but we’re glad we’ve finally managed to get two new games up on the site. The first game Design a Plane lets you take the part of Robert Blackburn, a local air pioneer. You have to design three different aircraft and test them to see if they fly.  You’ll get the chance to find out what happens if you try and make a jet fighter out of wood! Take our word for it, the test flight probably won’t go well.


The other game is about the thrilling subject of industrial composting, mmm. However, we’ve isolated the most fun part of the process – driving the truck! You have to drive the truck which picks up the waste and take it to the right part of composting plant without crashing into anything. Poop, poop!

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