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24th June 2011

Plant game played 150,000 times in one week

Extinct on Kongregate after a week

Extinct on Kongregate after a week

We tried an interesting experiment last week. We uploaded Extinct, our plant biology game to a games portal called Kongregate. Kongregate hosts all sorts of games but a lot of them are about wizards or shooting things. Extinct is based on the latest scientific research about how plants allocate resources so we weren’t sure how it would get on. Well we needn’t have worried, in the first week since we uploaded it, the game has been played over 150,000 times!

There’s also a lot of comments like “Awesome game”, “amazing potential”, “Nice, original concept.” and a lot of people who’ve finished the whole game for both plants and would like the game extended to last longer.
Kongregate is only one of many games portals and for future projects we’ll use them to increase the audience and impact of our games even more.


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